The Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK) is mulling the implementation of refined wake vortex categories, which could help increase arrival and departure capacity at Hong Kong International Airport.

The authority says technical studies are being undertaken for the development and deployment of the technology known as Re-categorisation of aircraft wake turbulence (RECAT). It did not say if or when RECAT would be implemented.

AAHK citied examples from European airports in which RECAT helped boost runway throughput by up to 5% during peak traffic periods. RECAT helps reduce the spacing between aircraft on final approach.

AAHK adds that it has implemented other measures to optimize runway use, such as reducing night-time runway maintenance by 30 minutes, and opening more takeoff and landing slots.

Meanwhile, HKIA’s third runway development is still on track, the authority says, with the commissioning of the three-runway system (3RS) scheduled for 2024.

In February, AAHK gave reassurance that the 3RS was on track, and on budget, amid reports of a delay in land reclamation works.

Source: Cirium Dashboard