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  • LMS-901-c-UZGA

    Siberia’s KrasAvia to acquire LMS-901 fleet for regional connectivity


    Siberian operator KrasAvia has entered a provisional agreement to acquire 10 UZGA LMS-901 multi-purpose aircraft. Deliveries of the Russian-built, single-engined high-wing type will commence in 2025 and run to 2029. KrasAvia says it will become “one of the first customers” for the new aircraft in Russia as a result of ...

  • NordStar Norilsk title-c-NordStar

    NordStar-KrasAvia tie-up to support northern Russia network development


    Russian carrier NordStar has entered a tie-up with regional operator KrasAvia, a consortium intended to increase air transport access for the area. President Vladimir Putin had supported a proposal to establish a base carrier at Norilsk – a designation which has been granted to NordStar – and create a ...

  • KrasAvia ATR title-c-KrasAvia

    KrasAvia introduces ex-Swedish ATR 72s as it awaits Il-114-300s


    Russian carrier KrasAvia has started introducing ATR 72-500s to replace older Soviet types, as it awaits the arrival of new Ilyushin Il-114-300s. Krasnoyarsk-based KrasAvia has taken two ATRs, the latest arriving at its Krasnoyarsk base on 14 November. It says the aircraft have been acquired with the support ...

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    KrasAvia becomes latest to sign for Il-114-300s


    ​Russian operator KrasAvia has revealed that it is looking to acquire Ilyushin Il-114-300s, following the decision to restart production of the turboprop type.