Embraer still expects its first KC-390 transport aircraft to be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force in the fourth quarter of 2018, despite a second mishap with one of its prototypes on 5 May, which caused extensive damage to the aircraft’s three landing gear and fuselage structure.

An initial analysis indicates all systems behaved normally when it drove off the runway while performing ground tests at Embraer's Gavião Peixoto facility, the company said on 10 May. The company said it is still investigating the accident and did not elaborate on its cause.

Embraer believes it should be able to achieve final operational capability before the end of the year, a prerequisite to delivery to the military, despite the damage to its prototype 001.

The company is evaluating the planning schedule for the continuation of certification tests, including the possibility of transferring some tests to its prototype 002 and to the first series of production aircraft, which are in an advanced stage of assembly.

The prototype 001 returned to flight two months ago after Embraer fixed damage caused by another incident in October, a hard landing that came after the test crew lost control of the aircraft during a slow-speed stall test.

Source: FlightGlobal.com