The Let 410UVP (UR-TWO) destroyed in a 9 September landing accident in South Sudan had only recently re-entered service after more than a decade in storage, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

The Czech-built twin turboprop, which typically seats 19 passengers, was being operated by Ukrainian carrier Slaver Kompani on behalf of South Sudan-based South West Aviation. The aircraft was reportedly carrying 20 passengers and three crew, and crashed into Lake Yirol during an attempt to land at Yirol, South Sudan, after a domestic flight from Juba.

Two crew and 18 passengers reportedly died in the accident, and the survivors were seriously injured.

The accident happened in daylight (08:00) but in poor visibility, according to reports.

The aircraft involved in the accident was originally delivered to Aeroflot in 1984. Flight Fleets Analyzer shows the aircraft was with various operators up until 2006, when it was withdrawn and stored at Rivne in Ukraine. Slaver Kompani acquired the Let in April this year and has been operating it on wet-lease for South West Aviation since May.

Source: Cirium Dashboard