Investigators are probing an incident in which a Let L-410 landed on the closed part of a runway undergoing renovation at Dubrovnik.

The aircraft (OK-LAZ), operated for Trade Air by Czech carrier Van Air, landed at around 12:45 on 29 November.

Trade Air says the aircraft had been conducting flight C3821 from Split, as part of a public-service obligation connection.

The company states that the aircraft, transporting seven passengers and three crew members, touched down on the “wrong” part of the runway, which was “closed”.

Dubrovnik airport’s operator states that reconstruction work is being carried out on runway 12/30 from 8 November 2018 to 15 May 2019.

NOTAMs for Dubrovnik refer to a supplement to the Croatian aeronautical information publication which entered effect on 8 November.

This supplement states that the three-phase project will initially renovate eastern sections of the runway followed by the western.

For the first phase of the work, it says, the runway length is shortened from 3,299m to 1,575m.

Runway 30 approaches are unavailable, while a 150m displaced threshold for runway 12 shortens the available landing distance further, to 1,425m.

Over the second phase – which the supplement says begins “at the end of November” – the runway will be 1,425m in length with the threshold for runway 12 temporarily displaced by 1,724m in the direction of the runway 30 threshold.

The third phase is due to commence in mid-December.

“All changes will be published by NOTAMs,” says the supplement, adding that the operational restrictions arising from each of the three phases will be “timely activated” by NOTAMs.

Trade Air says the L-410 did not suffer damage and its occupants were not injured. It has started an investigation into the incident with the local air force and representatives of Van Air Europe, and says it will notify the Croatian civil aviation authorities.

Source: Cirium Dashboard