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    Insurance firm Phoenix takes near-20% share of El Al loyalty programme


    Israeli insurance firm Phoenix is taking a near-20% shareholding in flag-carrier El Al’s loyalty programme. Phoenix is exercising an option to acquire the 19.9% stake as part of a financing transaction sealed earlier this year. Under the agreement it is able to purchase up to 25% of the loyalty scheme, ...

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    El Al to repay government loan by year-end under revised aid pact


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has reached a new agreement with the government under which it will advance repayment of $45 million in support loans granted by the state. The repayment, brought forward by two years, will be carried out by 20 December. El Al says the new pact means most ...

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    El Al seals efficiency pact with maintenance and engineering personnel


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has reached an agreement with its maintenance and engineering personnel as part of its efforts to tighten the airline’s efficiency. El Al says the pact, signed on 16 August, will run until the end of 2026. It will cover El Al’s plans to introduce wet-leased passenger ...

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    El Al to consider wet-leases and more 787s to address capacity shortfall


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is to explore the possibility of additional Boeing 787s from the second half of next year, once it completes introduction of its current fleet. The airline has 15 of the type – comprising 12 787-9s and three 787-8s – and it is expecting to receive one ...

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    El Al works to restore activity levels as recovery gains traction


    Israeli carrier El Al made a pre-tax loss of $90 million for the first half of the year, although a tax gain pushed the airline into a net profit of $34 million. The airline generated revenues of nearly $799 million over the six months to 30 June. El Al says ...

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    Saudi Arabia opens airspace to all civil airlines including Israeli carriers


    Saudi Arabian authorities have chosen to open the kingdom’s airspace to all civil carriers, including operators conducting services to and from Israel. The decision is a crucial step forward in the efforts to broaden Israeli-Arab links following the signing of the Abraham Accords in 2020. This agreement resulted in normalisation ...

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    El Al resolves pilot dispute with new operations and salary pact


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has reached an agreement with its pilots aimed at settling a dispute over salaries which has caused disruption to the airline’s operations for several weeks. El Al says the agreement – signed by its pilot committee as well as the trade union centre Histadrut – will ...

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    El Al strives to settle labour dispute with cockpit crews


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is continuing negotiations with cockpit crew representatives in a bid to resolve a persistent dispute ahead of a labour court hearing. The dispute – focused on pay claims and working conditions – has led to disruptions in the airline’s schedule over the past couple of months ...

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    El Al to continue Arkia merger talks despite exclusivity period ending


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al aims to continue negotiating with leisure airline Arkia regarding a proposed acquisition, but the exclusivity period for the talks is not being extended. El Al entered talks with its fellow Israeli carrier last year with a view to purchasing the entire share capital of Arkia and ...

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    El Al formally signs for $130m loan against its loyalty programme


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has signed a formal agreement for the sale of its frequent-flyer scheme, valued at $500 million, in order to provide additional liquidity to the airline. The scheme and its assets are being sold to a subsidiary of the carrier, El Al Matmid Frequent Flyer. El Al ...

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    Airline CEO changes in 2022 dominated by appointment of women and upheaval in India


    The global airline executives gathering in Doha for this year’s IATA AGM will reflect recent trends including better gender diversity among incumbents and big changes at Indian carriers

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    El Al tries to stem pilot disruption as it copes with recovery demand surge


    Israeli carrier El Al is urging pilots to ensure flight schedules are met, after multiple cancellations over a dispute with the company. El Al says it has contacted its pilots’ committee seeking “immediate” negotiations over the matter. The company says it has been forced to cancel services in recent days ...

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    El Al prepares for share issue and finalisation of loyalty loan


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is preparing for a share offering valued at around $62 million, as part of its effort to solidify its financial position. The airline is also finalising discussions with insurance firm Phoenix Group over a $130 million loan against its frequent-flyer programme, and expects to finish the ...

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    Recovering El Al looks towards profitability next year


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is working to restore its operation to pre-crisis levels with the intention of shifting to profitability from the second half of 2023. It has posted a $66.3 million net loss for the first quarter of 2022, a 23% improvement on the previous year’s figure for the ...

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    Israel’s El Al appoints first female chief executive


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has appointed a female chief executive, Dina Ben Tal Ganancia, to succeed the departing Avigal Soreq. Ganancia will take up her position on 1 June, according to El Al. Source: El Al Ganancia will succeed the outgoing Avigal Soreq She previously serviced as ...

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    More airlines able to look forward with confidence about recovery


    A notable theme over the past week has been the shift in global airline narrative towards renewal, as more markets emerge from the worst of the Covid-19 crisis.

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    El Al chief executive Soreq quits to lead former US employer


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al’s chief executive, Avigal Soreq, is stepping down from the top post at the airline after little more than a year. Soreq will leave the role towards the end of June this year, according to El Al. He joined the company in January last year after being ...

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    El Al seals Moroccan codeshare after RAM opens Tel Aviv link


    Moroccan flag-carrier Royal Air Maroc has reached a codeshare agreement with Israeli counterpart El Al, tightening the newly-formed ties between the two sides. RAM inaugurated a service between its Casablanca hub and Tel Aviv on 13 March. It operated a Boeing 787 on the route, as flight AT228, carrying a ...

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    El Al agrees $130m loan against frequent-flyer programme


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has reached a provisional agreement with insurance specialist Phoenix Group regarding a loan to the subsidiary which holds the airline’s frequent-flyer loyalty programme. Upon completion of the transaction, Phoenix will provide a loan of up to $130 million which will be repaid by 31 December 2027. ...

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    El Al turns in full-year net loss of over $400m


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has posted a full-year net loss of $413 million, compared with the previous year’s loss of $531 million. El Al’s revenues reached $857 million – higher than the $623 million during the pandemic-hit 2020 but still far below the near-$2.2 billion in the year before the ...