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  • IntellAct turnaround tool-c-IntellAct

    El Al arm shows off automated monitor to speed turnaround times


    Israeli carrier El Al’s technological investment division Cockpit Innovation is showing off an artificial intelligence tool intended to increase turnaround efficiency at airports. It will present the system – developed by one of its portfolio firms, IntellAct – at the World Aviation Festival event in London, which opens on 1 ...

  • El Al fleet-c-El Al

    El Al’s nine-month losses top $300m


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has turned in net losses of $136 million for the third quarter, taking total losses over the first nine months to $303 million. El Al generated third-quarter revenues of $253 million, the carrier has disclosed in its latest financial statement. The carrier is still trying to ...

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    El Al details loan and share issue to secure $30m in state aid


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has detailed an agreement for funding support from the government and its controlling shareholder, Kanfei Nesharim, which includes a commitment to a share offering by mid-September next year. Under the 22 November agreement Kanfei Nesharim will provide El Al with $63 million through four loans. Three ...

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    Israeli government to offer additional state-aid package to airlines


    Israel’s government is to offer additional financial support to the country’s troubled airlines, approving a proposal for a state aid package worth up to $44 million. The finance and transport ministries say they have jointly put forward the proposal to provide “immediate cash-flow assistance” given the “exceptional damage” inflicted on ...

  • El Al Arkia-c-Nicky Boogaard Creative Commons Airbus

    Israel’s El Al enters talks over potential acquisition of Arkia


    El Al has entered discussions with fellow Israeli carrier Arkia over a possible business combination, the flag-carrier has disclosed. Under the proposed transaction El Al would acquire Arkia shares in exchange for handing its own securities to Arkia shareholders. El Al has not confirmed the size of the transaction or ...

  • Hamburg 707-c-Troostwijk

    Auction offers cockpits and parts from Lufthansa and El Al 707s


    Auctioneers are offering the cockpits, engines and dozens of components from two Boeing 707-420s which were previously parked for years at Berlin Tegel and Hamburg airports. The aircraft – MSN17720 and MSN18071 – were respectively delivered originally to Lufthansa in 1960 and Israel’s El Al in 1961. Both were powered ...

  • Sun DOr 737-c-Sun DOr

    El Al faces strike over policies restricting Sun D’Or Sabbath flights


    Israeli carrier El Al is facing industrial action after being accused of acting in bad faith, notably over policies restricting operation of flights during the Sabbath, a weekly period of religious observance. Trade union centre Histadrut has notified the company of a labour dispute and approved strike from 18 October. ...

  • RAM 787-c-RAM

    Royal Air Maroc to explore codeshare with El Al


    Moroccan flag-carrier Royal Air Maroc has signed a preliminary co-operation agreement with Israel’s El Al, which will explore the possibility of codeshare services. The agreement is the latest aviation manifestation of last year’s diplomatic recognition pacts between Israel and several Arab states. RAM says the memorandum of understanding with El ...

  • El Al 787 title-c-El Al

    El Al demands $100m compensation from state over damage to its business


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is demanding compensation of $100 million from the government, to offset the effect of state decisions on the airline’s operations. “It is no secret that El Al is in the deepest crisis in its history,” the carrier says, in a communication to the finance ministry, adding ...

  • El Al fleet-c-El Al

    El Al must sell aircraft and part of frequent-flyer programme for state aid


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has been told it must sell aircraft and a substantial portion of its frequent-flyer programme as part of the government’s conditions for receiving financial aid. The ministry of finance had indicated in August that it was prepared to offer conditional support to Israeli operators. It has ...

  • El Al 787-c-El Al

    Israeli finance ministry outlines loan offer to support struggling airlines


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is among airlines being offered an additional line of financial support by the country’s government, following a series of discussions with the finance ministry. The ministry states that it is taking the steps given the “prolongation” of the pandemic crisis and its “consequences for Israeli airlines”. ...

  • Ben Gurion protest-c-Histadrut

    Israeli carriers face labour dispute over perceived job threat to workforce


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has prolonged, at least until the end of September, the furlough programme for personnel, as the country’s trade union centre formally declares a dispute with the aviation industry over concerns of mass lay-offs. El Al says it has 1,165 employees affected, adding that workers will be ...

  • El Al 787-c-El Al

    El Al keeps final 787 delivery on hold


    El Al has deferred delivery of its final Boeing 787 at least until the end of this year, as it holds discussions on financing the twinjet. Delivery of the 787-8 aircraft, which would take the Israeli airline’s 787 fleet to 16, had been scheduled for March 2020 – the point ...

  • El Al 737-900ER-c-Nicky Boogaard Creative Commons

    El Al inspects 737 in-flight connectivity radomes for attachment cracks


    US regulators are instructing de-activation and removal of specific external in-flight connectivity systems from Boeing 737-800 and -900ER jets, citing the risk that the radome and antenna could detach as a result of cracked attachment fittings. The FAA is ordering checks on the Viasat equipment installed under an Astronics Armstrong ...

  • El Al 787-c-El Al

    El Al continues to reduce losses but recovery track remains uncertain


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al has posted a $166 million net loss for the first half of 2021, a reduction on the interim loss of $244 million last year. Operating revenues for the six months to 30 June were 28% lower, totalling $339 million, while expenditure fell by 22% to $407 ...

  • El Al fin

    El Al in talks with ministry to push back share issue


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is seeing to defer plans to raise additional capital through a share issue. The airline has been preparing to issue new shares or options to generate $105 million as part of a support scheme El Al’s share scheme was one of the conditions attached ...

  • Etihad El Al tails

    El Al and Etihad outline initial phase of codeshare pact


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is to commence its codeshare pact with the United Arab Emirates’ Etihad Airways on 18 July. The two airlines are implementing the co-operation following the historic agreement reached last year centred on the establishment of diplomatic ties between Israel and several Arab states. As ...

  • El Al 787-c-El Al

    El Al to consolidate shares and raise authorised capital


    Israeli flag-carrier El Al is to seek shareholder approval for a share consolidation and an increase in the company’s authorised capital. El Al is to consolidate its 2.5 billion ordinary shares in a ratio of eight-to-one, bringing the figure down to 312.5 million. The airline will reduce the ...

  • Tus Fokker title-c-Tus Airways

    El Al shareholder to take large stake in Cypriot carrier Tus Airways


    El Al shareholder Knafaim Holdings has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire a 49.9% stake in the Cypriot carrier Tus Airways. Knafaim says it has signed a letter of intent covering the acquisition with US entrepreneur Kenneth Woolley, the sole shareholder of the carrier. Under the agreement Knafaim, ...

  • David Brodet title-c-El Al and Gulf Air

    El Al chair steps down after seven months in post


    El Al chair David Brodet has resigned from his position at the Israeli flag-carrier, just a few months into his tenure. Brodet was nominated to the post last year during an overhaul of the El Al management team as a new controlling shareholder took over the airline in September ...