Airbus has secured European certification for a cadet pilot training programme jointly developed with the French university Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile.

The programme will initially be introduced at the Mexican flight school Escuela de Aviacion Mexico early next year.

Airbus says the scheme, approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency, will provide a “complete and fully integrated” airline transport pilot licence programme, which will take advantage of the airframer’s “extensive” experience and its “high safety and reliability standards”.

It adds that cadets will be provided with the skills required to become an “operationally-ready pilot”, with a focus on crucial technical and behavioural competence.

“The programme reflects, not only Airbus’ commitment to supporting the safe operation of all its aircraft, but also supports airline customers in contributing to the long-term availability of qualified pilots,” says the airframer.

Eligible candidates will be provided with 750h of ground school and 200h of flight training.

Source: Cirium Dashboard