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  • MQ-9 Reaper - USAF

    RNLAF commander hopeful for Reaper funding challenge resolution


    The commander of the Royal Netherlands air force hopes to sign a contract in the first half of 2016 for the planned buy of the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 Reaper unmanned air vehicle.

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    DUBAI: Stratasys UAV offers glimpse into printed future


    US 3D printing specialist Stratasys is displaying what it calls the world’s fastest UAV produced with additive printing technology.

  • Last QF-4 - USAF

    USAF QF-4s set for 2017 out of service date


    ​The US Air Force expects to cease carrying out test support using its 22-strong fleet of BAE Systems QF-4 Phantom aerial targets in January 2017, followed by a complete out of service date in the middle of that year.

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    DUBAI: Tekever to open new office in UAE


    ​Tekever is to broaden its activities in the Middle East region, with a new office due to be opened in Dubai within the next few months.

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    DUBAI: ​RAAF still seeking armed, long-range UAV


    Australia still hopes to acquire an armed, long-range unmanned air vehicle in a similar class to the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 Reaper, but moving forward with a “recommended project” depends on outcome of a pending force structure review.

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    Textron works to arm latest Shadow UAV variants


    Textron is determined to arm its “Version 2” and next-generation “Mark 2” Shadow tactical unmanned aircraft with its lightweight Fury weapons even without serious interest from the US Army, which is more keen to diversify the weaponry available on its General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-1C Gray Eagles.

  • Twin Otter British Antarctic Survey

    British Antarctic Survey looks towards whole fleet modernisation


    The British Antarctic Survey is in the process of updating its scientific research fleet, including the addition of an unmanned air vehicle and cockpit and sensing upgrades to its manned aircraft.

  • USAF MQ-9 at Holloman AFB - Beth Stevenson

    US authorises weapons upgrade for Italian Reapers


    Italy is planning to arm its air force's fleet of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 unmanned air vehicles, according to a US government export body, becoming the first country to benefit from relaxed export restrictions on the Reaper.

  • Swiss Post Matternet One UAV - Swiss Post

    ANALYSIS: Industry pitches new uses for commercial UAVs


    When David Cush was named chief executive of Virgin America, he already had two decades of experience at American Airlines. So what made him leave a well-established airline for a new carrier that had such a hard time with the regulators when starting up?

  • Airlander 10 - HAV - FS

    HAV airship receives helium lift ahead of delayed return to flight


    Hybrid Air Vehicles has inflated its Airlander airship with helium ahead of its highly anticipated but long delayed return to flight.

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    Israel air defence counters UAV threat


    ​Israel is increasingly concerned with the proliferation of unmanned air vehicles throughout the Middle East, particularly with the number in the hands of terrorist organisations operating in neighbouring countries.

  • NATO AGS Global Hawk rollout preview - Northrop Gr

    NATO UV-16 looks to better use of data during joint missions


    NATO’s Unified Vision 2016 exercise is to explore how data collected from individual national aircraft – plus the alliance’s new unmanned air vehicle capability – can be better used during joint missions.

  • JLENS Raytheon

    US Army aerostat descends after three-hour flight


    ​A US Army tethered aerostat has descended near to the ground after breaking loose from its moorings and floating free for several hours over northern Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

  • Puma AE - AeroVironment

    Swedish army evaluates Mali UAV deployment


    Following operational deployments to Mali and Afghanistan, the Swedish army’s family of unmanned air vehicles is nearing the end of its lifespan, with replacement programmes potentially due to begin in 2016.

  • UK F-35B - Crown Copyright

    CONOPS required for UK F-35 data collection


    Concepts of operation need to be developed so the UK’s new Lockheed Martin F-35B Joint Strike Fighters can best exploit the large amount of data that it would collect, a Royal Navy representative has claimed.

  • NATO E-3A - Miks Uzans/NATO

    NATO looks to AGS to retain AWACS relevance


    The lifespan of NATO’s airborne warning and control system fleet has become increasingly dependent on it being able to operate alongside its new unmanned Alliance Ground Surveillance capability.

  • Patroller flight Istres - Sagem

    Patroller carries out Portugal homeland security tests


    In an effort to further test the integration of unmanned air vehicles in European airspace, European Commission testing saw the SAGEM Patroller carry out flight trials in homeland security scenarios in Portugal.

  • MD4-200 VTOL UAV - Rex Features

    DfT takes UAV discussion on military and civil UAVs to the public


    A Department for Transport-led team is about to launch a series of public dialogues that will help inform the government on how the British population views the operation of civil and military unmanned air vehicles in UK airspace.

  • PAS15 UAV

    NASA plans next phase of UAV ATM integration


    NASA plans to carry out beyond line-of-sight testing of an air traffic management component for unmanned air vehicles in 2016, following on from a series of low-risk testing that took place last August.

  • NASA drone

    FAA reiterates need for UAV registration


    ​The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reinforced the importance of regulating unmanned air systems (UAS), even as its near-term funding remains uncertain.