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  • MQ-9 ER - General Atomics

    UK selects Certifiable Predator B as Reaper replacement


    The UK Ministry of Defence has decided to procure the in-development General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Certifiable Predator B unmanned air vehicle under its Protector programme. The UAV will be acquired through a foreign military sales contract with the US Department of Defense.

  • Hero 400 UAV - UVision

    UVision loitering munitions to undergo anti-tank testing


    ​The development of two of UVision’s loitering munitions will soon extend to anti-tank warfare testing.

  • Aerostar UAS - Aeronautics

    Azerbaijan requires more Israeli UAVs for border conflict


    ​As the conflict continues with neighbouring Armenia, Azerbaijan has expressed its intention to buy additional Israeli unmanned air vehicles.

  • Analysis

    ANALYSIS: Europe looks inward for future UAV ops


    ​European forces operate a diverse range of aircraft – including unmanned – due to their relatively high, NATO-level defence budgets and involvement in a number of international arenas.

  • Flirtey

    ANALYSIS: FAA creeps closer to UAV integration


    ​In the months before the 2015 AUVSI Unmanned Systems exhibition in Atlanta in May, the US Federal Aviation Administration had issued its proposed ruling on the operation of small unmanned air vehicles in national airspace.

  • Opinion

    OPINION: The unknown impact of UAV collisions


    ​If a recent report is to be believed, the 137 crew and passengers of British Airways flight 727 on 17 April were among the unluckiest people on the planet. It appears their Airbus A320 collided with a small drone on approach to London Heathrow airport from Geneva. The exact circumstances ...

  • Zephyr 8 stress test - Airbus Defence & Space

    UK discloses Zephyr-suited payload investment


    The UK government’s Centre for Defence Excellence (CDE) is supporting the development airborne payload projects, which will seemingly be adapted for use on its new Airbus Defence & Space Zephyr high-altitude pseudo satellite (HAPS).

  • Phantom UAV - Ed Stone/REX/Shutterstock

    A320 collision heightens UAV safety concerns


    Fresh concerns over the potential danger of operating unmanned air vehicles in the vicinity of manned aircraft have been sparked by the collision of a British Airways Airbus A320 with a UAV at London Heathrow on 17 April.

  • Aurora Flight Sciences LightningStrike VTOL X-Plan

    Aurora flies subscaled electric VTOL demonstrator


    Aurora Flight Sciences has flown a 20%-scaled demonstrator of the unmanned LightningStrike, a uniquely electric-powered X-plane launched less than two months ago with a contract from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

  • Ikhana UAV - NASA

    NASA's Ikhana to undergo further airspace integration testing


    A NASA-led team is about to embark on a new round of testing to validate technologies deemed necessary to support the US Federal Aviation Administration’s integration of unmanned air vehicles into national airspace (NAS).

  • Russian UAV - Russian advanced projects agency

    Russia looks to develop advanced rotary-wing UAV test bed


    Russia’s advanced research projects agency is launching a programme for the development of a rotary-winged unmanned air vehicle testbed, which will be used by government agencies to assess advanced robotic technologies for the military.

  • UAV - AscTec

    Monaco to operate counter-UAV system


    Monaco has contracted a consortium of companies to provide an anti-unmanned air vehicle system to protect the principality from malicious attacks.

  • RAAF Heron at Amberley - Commonwealth of Australia

    PICTURES: RAAF Heron flies at Amberley alongside manned aircraft


    The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is flying its Israel Aerospace Industries Heron unmanned air vehicle at RAAF Amberley in Queensland, marking the first time the aircraft has operated alongside manned military aircraft at one of its home bases.

  • Aeryon SkyRanger - Sussex police

    Momentum building in use of UAVs for aircraft crash analysis


    Drawing upon its work integrating unmanned air vehicle use into the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch’s (AAIB) wreckage assessments, Cranfield University is in discussions with international bodies exploring the use of the technology for post-crash analysis.

  • News

    Regulatory clearance – and new name – ahead of Airlander 10 airship's flight return


    Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) has received the necessary European and national approvals to return its Airlander 10 airship – now named Martha Gwyn – to flight.

  • Drone Dome - Rafael

    Rafael unveils "Drone Dome" anti-UAV system


    ​Rafael has unveiled its offering for countering malicious unmanned air vehicles, the “Drone Dome”.

  • ISIS airship

    NASA floats stratospheric airship prize


    NASA is again considering whether to launch a public competition to develop large stratospheric airships, a capability that has eluded the US military despite several costly attempts.

  • Patroller

    France firms up order for 14 Patroller UAVs


    Sagem has been contracted to supply its Patroller system to the French army as the service's new tactical unmanned air vehicle, some two months after Paris confirmed its selection of the type.

  • Crashed Thunder B UAV - Nagorno-Karabakh

    ThunderB UAV shot down over Nagorno-Karabakh


    ​An Israeli-made unmanned air vehicle operated by Azerbaijan was shot down in early April over the Nagorno-Karabakh region of the South Caucasus.

  • Gremlins

    DARPA selects industry teams for 'Gremlins' UAV project


    The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has picked four teams for its Gremlins project, which aims to launch volleys of small, low-cost unmanned air vehicles from bombers, cargo aircraft or possibly even fighter jets, and recover them via a Lockheed Martin C-130 transport.