Sensor manufacturer Controp has now delivered 2,000 of its Stamp family of electro-optical/infrared payloads for integration on-board manned and unmanned aircraft.

The family of gyro-stabilised payloads ranges from the smallest 300g (10oz) Micro Stamp system up to the 3.3kg triple-sensor T-Stamp that features a laser pointer, and is operated in “dozens” of locations, the company says.

“Technology-wise, this is the only small camera payload in the world to incorporate three gimbals, which allows for an unprecedented stabilised picture when looking both horizontally and vertically,” says Johnny Carni, vice-president of marketing.

“This high level of stabilisation is critical, particularly when using an uncooled thermal camera with a zoom lens, in order to provide the user with a clear and detailed image.”

Carni says it has plans to expand the family of systems with new payloads “to fill up operational gaps”, and a new product will be launched in 2016.

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Source: Flight Daily News