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  • MQ-1 Predator. US Air Force.

    USAF plans to end MQ-1 Predator operations in 2018


    The remotely-piloted aircraft that ushered in the armed drone revolution, the General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-1, will be put out to pasture by 2018, after more than two decades of service, the US Air Force says.

  • RAF Reaper full size - RAF

    Spain allocates funds for MALE UAV


    ​The Spanish military is in the process of down selecting a medium altitude, long endurance unmanned air vehicle, for which it has reportedly allocated €25 million ($26 million) in its 2016 budget.

  • Phantom UAV - Rex

    ERA joins call for more European UAV regulation


    ​The UK-based European Regions Airlines Association has claimed that the safety of European airspace is threatened by the growing use of unmanned air vehicles, and has subsequently called for more regulation and control over their use.

  • Falcon 9 note landing legs c SPACEX

    Silicon Valley launches itself into space


    ​With Airbus cozying up to Silicon Valley and Facebook unveiling a high-altitude UAV designed to take the internet to where no wire has gone before, Flightglobal surveys the aerospace ambitions of tech world titans.

  • Phantom UAV - Rex

    EASA calls on operator input for proposed UAV ruling


    ​EASA has released its introduction to a new regulatory framework for the operation of unmanned air vehicles, and is calling on feedback from interested parties that could help shape the new rulemaking surrounding such technology.

  • Facebook Aquila 640

    Facebook unveils 42m wingspan Aquila UAV


    ​Social media specialist Facebook has unveiled the completed prototype of a solar-powered unmanned aircraft designed to fly above 60,000ft for more than three months.

  • eBumper4 SAA on Phantom - Panoptes Systems

    VIDEO: Sense and avoid system offered for recreational UAVs


    ​Panoptes Systems has introduced a sense and avoid capability for recreational unmanned air vehicles that offers protection over the intellectual property of hobbyist users.

  • MD4-200 VTOL UAV - Rex Features

    ECA calls on EASA to prioritise safety in new UAV regulations


    The European Cockpit Association (ECA) has called for regulations on unmanned air vehicles proposed by EASA to focus on the safety of people and manned aviation, and not the rights of recreational operators to fly such aircraft.

  • RN Sulsa 3D print UAV - Crown Copyright

    VIDEO: 3D-printed UAV launches from Royal Navy ship


    ​The University of Southampton has successfully launched its 3D-printed unmanned air vehicle from the front of a Royal Navy ship, demonstrating how the latter could potentially operate lightweight unmanned aircraft from its vessels for short range surveillance.

  • UTC MS-177

    USAF and Northrop sign Global Hawk payload adaptor deal


    ​Northrop Grumman expects to start demonstrating its Global Hawk universal payload adaptor with various sensors carried by the Lockheed Martin U-2 after signing a cooperative research and development agreement with the US Air Force last week.

  • USN P-8 Poseidon - Rex Features

    RIAT: UK’s Seedcorn MPA project renewed for a further three years


    The UK has renewed its Seedcorn maritime patrol project that sees it integrated with allied forces for another three years, maintaining the capability it lost with the cancelled BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 until a replacement is sought.

  • Puma AE BP - AeroVironment

    Boeing and Tata agree to jointly develop UAVs


    Boeing and Tata Advanced Systems (TASL) have signed an agreement to jointly develop unmanned air vehicles, building on previous deals between the two to develop components together for the former’s rotorcraft.

  • RAF Reaper - Crown Copyright

    UK’s Cameron urges more UAV and surveillance SDSR spending


    UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that more resources should be allocated to unmanned air vehicles and surveillance aircraft, indicating that the upcoming Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) could include more spending on these capabilities.

  • Swiss Post Matternet One UAV - Swiss Post

    PICTURES: Swiss Post to demo UAV delivery options


    ​Swiss Post is about to embark on a test campaign to explore the integration of the Matternet One vertical take-off and landing unmanned air vehicle into its delivery service.

  • CybAero Apid 60 - CybAero

    CybAero receives authorisation for UAV delivery to China


    Swedish company CybAero has been granted an export licence to sell 70 Apid unmanned air vehicles to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), allowing the first type to be delivered in-country.

  • Heron Thales NATO datalink test - IAI

    IAI and Thales demonstrate NATO data link on Heron UAV


    Israel Aerospace Industries and Thales have carried out risk reduction flight tests of a NATO-standard data link on board IAI’s Heron unmanned air vehicle.

  • RAF Tornado GR4 Akrotiri - Crown Copyright

    UK parliament debates Syrian air strikes


    ​The UK House of Commons has debated the potential extension of its counter-terrorism air strike campaign from Iraq into Syria, following an extremist attack in Tunisia on 26 June during which British citizens were killed.

  • Orbiter 3 - Aeronautics

    Aeronautics targets hovering aircraft market


    Aeronautics has identified the market potential of untethered hovering aircraft, and is investing in the development of such technology for the domestic and international markets.

  • RQ-4

    Global Hawk ‘payload adaptor’ plan gaining momentum


    ​Northrop Grumman’s RQ-4B Global Hawk would evolve into a “reconfigurable sensor-transporter” capable of carrying a variety of sensors weighing up to 544kg (1200lb) under a modification programme currently being assessed by the US Air Force.

  • PD-1 UAV - People's Project

    VIDEO: Ukraine crowd-sources for new surveillance UAV


    A crowd-sourcing campaign to bring an indigenous Ukrainian unmanned air vehicle into operation to monitor “enemy movement and locations” has raised 84% of its target.