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  • JetBlue interior

    JetBlue cautious in Q1 amid Puerto Rico quakes


    JetBlue Airways Corporation on 23 January reported a net profit of $161 million during the fourth quarter of 2019 that slightly beat analyst expectations despite being a 5% decline year-on-year versus $170 million in 2018. The New York-based carrier during the fourth quarter reported $2 billion in operating revenue, ...

  • Southwest 737 Max

    FAA investigating reports it gave Southwest preferred treatment on Hawaii routes


    The Federal Aviation Administration says it is investigating reports it gave Southwest Airlines “preferential treatment” when it authorised the airline’s routes from the US mainland to Hawaii last year.

  • american-airlines-tail

    American Airlines posts strong 2019, expects 737 Max in second half of 2020


    American Airlines posted higher revenue and profit figures for the full year 2019 than a year earlier, as strong demand countered fallout from the Boeing 737 Max crisis.

  • 777X-3 Being unveiling 031319-2 Boeing

    Boeing delays 777X’s first sortie owing to weather


    The maiden flight of the Boeing 777X will be postponed owing to poor weather conditions around the company’s Everett, Washington production facility. “We are postponing the 777X first flight that was scheduled to take place tomorrow, Jan. 23, due to weather,” says the company. “The team is currently ...

  • 737 Max

    Boeing plans to restart 737 production ‘months’ before midyear: CEO


    Boeing intends to restart 737 Max production several months before midyear and ahead of the Max’s return to service, meaning production could start humming again within three months, Boeing chief executive David Calhoun says on 22 January.

  • nma-ga

    Boeing to take another ‘clean sheet’ to NMA with focus on pilots


    Boeing is taking a fresh look at the design of its so-called New Mid-market Airplane due to changes in the global aviation market and heightened focus on pilot-aircraft interactions.

  • GA-ASI_GrayEagle_ER_1200x600

    General Atomics to demo MQ-1C Gray Eagle as tactical ballistic missile spotter


    The purpose of the flights is to show the US Army that the aircraft, when fitted with long-range radar and air-launched effects, can serve as a target spotter for the service’s next generation of tactical ballistic missiles, the Long Range Precision Fires system.

  • United 737 Max 9 970x550

    United says it does not expect to fly 737 Max this summer


    United Airlines is not planning for the Boeing 737 Max’s return to service this summer, making it the first airline to announce it will operate without the aircraft during a second peak travel season.

  • A USAF Lockheed Martin F-35A

    F-35 sensors help ground interceptors engage “air-breathing” targets


    The Lockheed Martin F-35 has demonstrated has demonstrated a capability to downlink targeting data about multiple “air-breathing threats” to ground forces. The work took place at White Sands Missile Range in December 2019, according to Lockheed Martin. A pair of US Air Force F-35s were integrated with the US ...

  • T-7A Redhawk

    Saab commences production for T-7A Red Hawk programme


    Saab has commenced assembly production for the Boeing T-7A Red Hawk advanced jet trainer. The Swedish company says it is producing seven aft fuselage sections in Linköping, Sweden which will then undergo final assembly at Boeing’s factory in St. Louis, Missouri. Source: Boeing The Boeing ...

  • United Airlines Boeing 737

    United Q4 2019 non-fuel unit costs up 2.7%


    United Airlines’s non-fuel unit costs (CASM ex-fuel) increased by 2.7% year-over-year in the fourth quarter of 2019, while full-year non-fuel costs rose by 1% compared to 2018. In the third quarter of 2019 United’s non-fuel unit costs increased by 2.1% in the third quarter compared with the same period ...

  • american-airlines-tail

    American sees 1.7% growth in Miami passenger traffic


    American Airlines served 30.3 million passengers at Miami International airport in 2019, a year-over-year increase of 1.7% and the most passengers it has carried through Miami since establishing the hub 30 years ago, the Dallas-based airline states 21 January. American operates more than 340 daily flights from Miami, including ...

  • 737 Max line - Boeing

    Boeing now expects mid-year certification of 737 Max


    The FAA says it has set no timeframe for when the certification work will be finished.

  • The maiden flight of the first CMV-22B Osprey took place in Amarillo Texas. Test pilots verified product requirements and airworthiness for the U.S. Navy. (Bell photo)

    US Navy’s Bell Boeing CMV-22B Osprey completes first flight


    The US Navy envisions using the CMV-22 to ferry Pratt & Whitney F135 turbines to and from aircraft carriers and amphibious assault ships. The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is powered by the F135 and the service needs the ability to replace the stealth fighter’s power plant while at sea.

  • Boeing 777-9 test run

    Boeing schedules first 777X flight for 23 January


    Boeing has scheduled the 777X’s maiden sortie for 23 January, an event that will finally kick off the revamped widebody’s delayed flight-test programme and potentially keep the airframer on track to begin deliveries in early 2021.

  • Peter Ingram

    Peter Ingram on leading Hawaiian Airlines amid fierce competition


    Two years into his role, Ingram is skilfully guiding the company through an evolution that would test any leader: answering the fierce competition from the US mainland, executing a major joint venture, overseeing a transformational infrastructure project and plotting the carrier’s next geographic and fleet expansion.

  • Boeing 747 Pan am first delivery 1969
    In depth

    Boeing 747 marks 50 years since Pan Am service debut


    This week marks exactly 50 years since the 747’s first passenger service with Pan Am

  • Embraer Boeing joint venture

    Embraer turboprop go-ahead hinges on EU probe into Boeing joint venture


    Embraer is on course to decide on the launch of an all-new advanced turboprop airliner within the next year but warns that the decision hinges on the approval of its joint venture with Boeing. 

  • MAIN-SPREAD-Peter-Ingram

    Chief executive Peter Ingram on leading Hawaiian Airlines


    Two years into his role, Ingram is skilfully guiding the company through an evolution that would test any leader: answering the fierce competition from the US mainland, executing a major joint venture, overseeing a transformational infrastructure project and plotting the carrier’s next geographic and fleet expansion.

  • WestJet Encore Q400 damage

    WestJet Q400 damaged by sharp de-rotation at Edmonton


    Investigators have determined that a WestJet Encore Bombardier Q400 suffered damage at Edmonton after de-rotating sharply during a high-speed landing. The Q400 – arriving from Fort McMurray on 19 July last year – had been approaching Edmonton’s runway 12 with storms in the vicinity of the airport. Its ...