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  • OSHKOSH: Two Klapmeiers - two companies

OSHKOSH: Two Klapmeiers - two companies

The Kestrel single-engine turboprop, initially developed by Farnborough Aircraft, is to be produced in the US state of Maine by a new company headed by Alan Klapmeier.

Kestrel Aircraft Company (KAC) was quietly established earlier this year and is making its public debut at AirVenture 2010. Alan Klapmeier, who founded Cirrus in 1994 with his brother Dale, led the manufacturer until he resigned last year.

Alan has been out of the spotlight since an attempt to purchase the SF50 Vision jet programme from Cirrus failed exactly one year ago. Alan re-emerged at Oshkosh as the chief of start-up KAC.

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“We tried to buy the light jet programme. When that fell through we decided to look around to see what is the next alternative product,” he explains. “I was approached by a number of different opportunities.”

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