Rolls-Royce has clinched European certification for its BR725 engine, paving the way for Gulfstream to begin the flight-test campaign later this year of its new G650 ultra-long-range business jet, which the BR725 has been selected to power.

The first pair of engines has been handed over to the Savannah, Georgia-based manufacturer and have been installed on the first prototype - serial number 1.

"We are supplying eight engines for the [three] prototypes - three sets and two spares - and will begin deliveries in the middle of next year of the engines for the first production aircraft," says chief engineer for the BR725 programme Martin Maltby. The high-speed G650 is scheduled for certification and service entry in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

The 16,100lb-thrust (72kN) BR725 is the most advanced member of the BR700 engine series and the sixth new powerplant added to the company's civil aerospace portfolio within the past six years.

R-R says the engine produces 4.6% more take-off thrust than its BR710 predecessor, which powers the G650's long-range stablemate the G550, but generates around 20% less NOx and "no visible" smoke. The BR725 is also more than 33% quieter than the BR710, coming in at 16dB below Stage 4 noise limits.

The engine also features a 1.27m (4.16ft)-diameter fan - up 5cm from the BR710 fan - made up of 24 "swept" titanium blades for improved aerodynamic efficiency. The new, all-composite nacelle has a new inlet cowl to house the larger fan.

Source: Flight International