Contributive Security

The West's answer to the need for rapid and overwhelming retaliation is an ample force of long-range strategic bombers - particularly B-47s. In this year of 1954 the Royal Air Force has no bombers of this kind; but the first of the V-bomber types will soon start to equip squadrons. Should not the Commonwealth nations draw upon their experiences of Bomber Command and again pool their resources to build up an integrated British Commonwealth Strategic Bomber Command? The global sphere of action of the V-bombers and the vast investment that they represent demands for them special treatment. We find much to commend this concept of a Commonwealth long-range bomber force, with each country combining its efforts and contributing men, material and money; each country maintaining bases round the globe for service and spares; and the principal countries of the Commonwealth - at most 24 hours apart - holding one or more resident squadrons at any time.

South Africa News

In less than 12 months the new $4m airport at Belleville, Cape Town, is expected to be completed. A few weeks ago the main runway was finished, and work is continuing on the second runway, two taxiways and the control and terminal buildings. The airport is situated in a fog-free area, and on completion will become the main air terminal for all services in the Cape.

U.S Civil Air Policy

Civil aviation officials in the U.S.A expressed disproval recently of some of the new government proposals to cut airline subsidies and eliminate uneconomical companies. The proposals were made in a report to the president by the Air Co-ordinating Committee, composed of representatives from nine government departments and agencies. President Eisenhower, who ordered the report last year, has said that it will be a guide to future policy concerning civil aviation.

Source: Flight International