Pictures: The mysterious case of the melted tarmac and sunken Gulfstream GV business jet

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Images have appeared on the internet of a Gulfstream V business jet apparently stuck into melted tarcmac.

The aircraft (N222LX) belongs to Lexair of Wilmington, Delaware, but little else is known. The Professional Pilots' Rumour Network aviation internet forum is debating how the aircraft sunk into the ashphalt, with theories being advanced including an elaborate hoax involving digital photograph manipulation. would like to know more about the incident. Do any readers know the aircraft in question and know when and why the incident happened?

Do other readers know whether melted tarmac is a common problem in hotter parts of the globe? Email in your suggetions to Flightglobal web master Kelley Malcher. Answers will be updated next week.

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glf5 sinks into tarmac2w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac3w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac4w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac5 w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac6 w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac7w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac8w445
glf5 sinks into tarmac9w445