Dr Peters Group is looking at all options for its returning Airbus A380s, including parting-out, FlightGlobal understands.

Part-out would not be considered for all the returning A380s, informed sources say. Other options in the frame include chartering of the aircraft, or remarketing to another lessee.

A perceived lack of immediate secondary-market options is driving the German company to consider these options, financial sources suggest.

Dr Peters, which declined to comment, has nine Airbus A380s – financed via the KG market through investment subsidiary DS Aviation – listed under its assets on its website.

Air France is leasing five, while the remainder are on lease to Singapore Airlines.

Flight Fleets Analyzer indicates that MSNs 010, 008,005 and 003 are all due to be returned by lessee Singapore Airlines, with MSN 003 scheduled to become the first to come back, in October. Doric Aviation is managing all four, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows.

Singapore Airlines recently confirmed that it will return four Airbus A380s from its fleet in its current financial year ending 31 March 2018.

The need to create secondary markets for the A380 has for some time been a concern for owners of the aircraft.

And at last year's Airline Economics Growth Frontiers conference in Hong Kong, Cabot Aviation's senior vice-president for the Asia-Pacific market Vincent Lam stated that he foresaw a tough few years for companies looking to remarket the A380.

However, Airbus is confident that its flagship product will have a viable secondary market.

The manufacturer sees potential for African and Chinese airlines, Hajj operators and the Middle East's larger carriers being open to taking older A380s, Cathal Kyle – Airbus head of customer finance for Europe and Asia – told delegates at the Doric Aviation Day in Frankfurt on 25 April.

Additionally, Sparfell & Partners is offering for sale four Airbus A380s "ready for head-of-state VVIP conversion", a recent advertisement on the AvBuyer website revealed.

The jets offered for VVIP conversion were built in the 2007-08 period.

Source: Cirium Dashboard