Aeroflot is reported to have delayed its much awaited long-haul fleet-renewal decision until next month.

Deputy CEO Lev Koshlyakov is reported in the Moscow Times daily newspaper as saying the selection between the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 will definitely not now be made this month, but he hopes it will not be “any later than April”.

He is quoted as saying: “From a commercial point of view...the two offers are on a par. There is no obvious leader.” And, as predicted here earlier, he adds that the views of President Putin’s administration will be crucial to the final outcome.

Terms of entry for Russia’s accession to the World Trade Organisation, which in turn impinge on new aircraft import tariffs, are said to be among the items under discussion.

It is also likely that the industrial activities of Boeing and Airbus in Russia will be crucial.

Source: Flight International