Airbus has detailed eight weight variants for the A320neo in the first update to its airport planning documentation to feature the re-engined type.

The airframer also lists four variants for the A321neo and six for the A319neo.

Airbus states that the A320neo variants – designated 050 to 057 – will have a maximum take-off weight ranging from 70-79t compared with 66-78t for the baseline A320.

The corresponding figures for the A321neo and A319neo are 89-93.5t and 64-75.5t respectively.

Airbus has not yet included any higher-capacity configuration options for the family, although it has been working to raise the seating in the A320neo to 189 and that for the A321neo to 240.

It gives a preliminary maximum-payload range for the A320neo close to 2,500nm (4,630km), around 400nm more than the A320.

Like the regular A320 family the A320neo variants will have the option of auxiliary tank installations to extend their range.

Source: Cirium Dashboard