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  • ITA A330 EI-EJL-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    ITA A330 departed JFK after crew did not notice taxi collision with 777


    US investigators have concluded the crew of an ITA Airways Airbus A330-200 misjudged the available space while taxiing past an Air France Boeing 777-200ER, colliding with the parked aircraft and then proceeding to take off despite both jets’ sustaining damage. The accident occurred in darkness at New York JFK on ...

  • Charles Bolden-c-NASA

    FAA unveils high-profile aerospace line-up to carry out independent safety review


    Six individuals including a former astronaut and representatives from the airline pilot, accident investigation and air traffic control sectors have been named in the line-up of the US FAA’s independent safety review team. The measure follows a number of air traffic incidents within the country, during take-off or landing, the ...

  • BA special assistance-c-British Airways

    UK regulator aims to rank airlines over support for reduced-mobility passengers


    UK regulators are proposing the introduction of a ranking system to assess airlines’ ability to support and assist disabled and less-mobile passengers, similar to that which was brought in for airports nearly a decade ago. The UK Civil Aviation Authority has detailed its proposed airline accessibility framework in a consultation ...

  • Delta Air Lines 767

    Leaky lavatory caused Delta 767 flight control problem in 2022


    The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has determined that water leaking from lavatories formed ice that jammed the controls of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 767 last July.

  • United ERJ N14162 incident-c-Tomas Del Coro Creative Commons

    Birdstrike damages both engines on United ERJ-145


    US regulators have disclosed that an Embraer ERJ-145XR received damage to both engines from a birdstrike while operating a domestic service from Houston. The incident occurred on 20 April as the United Express jet – operated by CommuteAir – conducted a service to Laredo in Texas. According to a preliminary ...

  • Pel-Air incident-c-NSW Fire and Rescue

    In-flight fire damages Pel-Air Saab 340 freighter


    Fire crews attending the emergency landing of a Pel-Air Saab 340A freighter have discovered the aircraft was badly damaged by an electrical fire. The aircraft had taken off from Wagga Wagga, west of Canberra, on 23 April, but landed at Cobar airport some 85min after departure. Smoke indicators had alerted ...

  • FAA interim administrator Billy Nolan

    Billy Nolen to step down as acting administrator of FAA


    Billy Nolen, acting administrator of the US Federal Aviation Administration, will step down from the position this summer as the regulatory agency continues searching for his permanent replacement.

  • Qatar A350 A7-ALN-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Pakistani investigators probe Qatar A350 touchdown incident at Islamabad


    Investigators are probing an incident in which a Qatar Airways Airbus A350-900 executed a go-around after touching down at Islamabad, apparently after an unstable approach. The aircraft had been arriving from Doha on 16 April and was conducting the ILS Z approach to runway 28L. According to French investigation authority ...

  • LN-RRH SAS 737-800 incident-c-Aero Icarus Creative Commons

    SAS 737 pilots could not have foreseen severe turbulence upset: inquiry


    Norwegian investigators are reiterating the importance of fastening seat-belts, even if not instructed, after an SAS Boeing 737-800 encountered unexpected severe turbulence which injured cabin crew – one seriously – and a passenger. The aircraft was descending towards Oslo Gardermoen at 21,000ft in clear air, following a service from Stavanger ...

  • engine incident maastricht debris-c-Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau via Dutch Safety Board

    Dutch investigators: Assess risk from engine parts ejected by overflying aircraft


    Dutch investigators are recommending that the government assess the risk of parts falling onto residential areas from aircraft departing Maastricht Aachen airport, following an incident in which fragments from a Boeing 747-400 freighter’s engine damaged property and injured people on the ground. The Dutch Safety Board says it has received ...

  • 170605_alaska_124 (1)

    Momentum grows in Washington for changes to 1,500h pilot-experience rule


    A push is underway in Washington for lawmakers or regulators to tweak a controversial rule requiring new commercial airline pilots have 1,500h of flight time.

  • 747 engine incident Maastricht-c-Maastricht Aachen airport

    Shed parts from 747-400 freighter’s unmodified engine caused property damage and injuries


    Investigators have determined that a Longtail Aviation Boeing 747-400 converted freighter that shed turbine parts over a town after departing Maastricht had not been modified with cooling features which might have prevented the incident. The aircraft’s left outboard Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engine suffered a contained failure but several pieces ...

  • Lift Academy Diamond simulator

    Former FAA administrators call for pilot training regime overhaul


    Two former FAA administrators are calling on the US government to overhaul training requirements for airline pilots amid a shortage of flight deck professionals that threatens to hinder the industry’s growth for years to come.

  • Southwest Airlines

    Technology breakdown temporarily grounds Southwest flights


    Southwest Airlines has resumed normal operations after a technology issue once again temporarily grounded all flights nationwide.

  • Air India Taxibot-c-Air India

    Air India to use pilot-controlled tow tractors for A320 taxiing


    Air India is to conduct operations with pilot-controlled tow tractors for Airbus A320 manoeuvring at Delhi and Bengaluru airports, as part of a strategy to reduce emissions. The airline had publicly demonstrated the system – known as Taxibot – nearly four years ago, using an A321 (VT-PPH) during a commercial ...

  • Virgin_Australia_Boeing_737_VH-IWX_Perth_2023_(01)

    ATSB probes Virgin Australia 737 long landing


    Australian investigators are probing a long landing involving a Virgin Australia Boeing 737-800 at Gold Coast airport.

  • tag Saab 340 accident-c-via Twitter

    Guatemalan Saab 340 suffers runway excursion after Cancun service


    One of Guatemalan regional carrier TagAirlines’ Saab 340A turboprops has been involved in a runway excursion at Flores, in the north of the Central American state. The aircraft had been arriving on 16 April, following flight 5U211 from Cancun in Mexico. TagAirlines says the aircraft experienced an “event” on landing, ...

  • khartoum airport title-c-Google Maps

    Sudanese airspace closed as armed conflict erupts


    Sudan’s civil aviation authority has notified that airspace over the country is closed, with a suspension of air navigation services within the Khartoum flight information region. The measure follows the conflict between government and paramilitary forces which broke out on 15 April and which has included attacks at Khartoum airport ...

  • Saudia 330-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Saudia A330 and SkyUp aircraft caught up in assault on Khartoum airport


    Saudi Arabian flag-carrier Saudia and Ukrainian operator SkyUp Airlines have confirmed that aircraft in their fleets have been caught up in hostilities at Sudan’s Khartoum airport. Saudia states that one of its Airbus A330s has suffered an “accident” prior to take-off from Khartoum on 15 April. The aircraft was “shot ...

  • United LAS-DEN coronavirus 042420

    FAA referred 17 ‘unruly’ passenger cases to the FBI in first quarter of 2023


    The Federal Aviation Administration referred 17 “unruly” passenger cases to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for criminal prosecution during the first quarter of 2023.