Turkish Airlines is withdrawing its five Boeing 737 Max 9s temporarily from service, in order to carry out checks on the aircraft.

The measure is in response to the Alaska Airlines incident on 5 January during which a plugged exit door was shed from a Max 9 climbing out of Portland.

No operators from European Union Aviation Safety Agency member states operate the Max 9 in the affected configuration.

But Turkey is not an EASA member and the carrier operates five Max 9s alongside a fleet of 28 Max 8s.

Turkish Airlines says the inspection of its aircraft is “precautionary” and follows the Alaska event.

“Until the technical investigation process is completed, and the measures requested by the authorities are implemented, Turkish Airlines has decided to withdraw the five [Max 9s] from operation at the first airport they land at,” states the carrier.

“Flight safety is our top priority.”

Turkish Airlines has configured its Max 9s with 169 seats.

Turkish 737 Max 9-c-Turkish Airlines

Source: Turkish Airlines

Turkish operates five Max 9s as well as 28 Max 8s