Boeing believes it will garner the first firm order for its re-engined 737 Max narrowbody by the end of 2011.

The airframer officially launched the re-engined 737 in August, and in an update on Boeing's corporate blog marking the programme's first 100 days company vice-president for commercial aircraft Randy Tinseth stated 12 customers have committed to purchasing 800 aircraft.

"American, Lion Air and ACG have already gone public with their commitments while the rest of our customers wish to remain unidentified," said Tinseth. "Before the end of this year, we're also expecting our first firm order."

Tinseth also took a jab at rival Airbus, noting that during the first 100 days after Airbus unveiled its re-engined A320neo, "our competitor had reached just 300 commitments and orders".

Boeing also released list prices for the re-engined Max family. The 737-7 Max is priced at $77.7 million, the -8 shows a price of $95.2 million and the -9 model has a $101.7 million list price.

Current list price for the 737-700 is $70.9 million, $84.4 million for the -800 and $89.6 million for the -900ER variant.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news