Antonov’s debut Dubai showing of the in-development An-178 transport attracted a crowd on 9 November, as company president Mykhaylo Gvozdov got onboard the Ukrainian company’s newest product.

First flown in May 2015 and also exhibited at the Paris air show in June, development aircraft UR-EXP has so far accumulated approximately 90 hours in the air during around 30 flights, the company says.

An evolution of the An-148 regional airliner, the high-winged design has a maximum take-off weight of 52.4t, and a normal payload capacity of around 15t, or 3t more in an overload configuration.

An-178 Dubai - BillyPix


Fitted with a rear cargo ramp, it will be able to carry loads such as a pair of light trucks or three Land Rover-sized vehicles, or used to transport up to 90 personnel. Antonov is developing the type for commercial freight operations and also the military sector, and says it has so far secured firm orders for 40 examples, plus 10 options. Eventually, demand could climb to total 200 units over the next 20 years, it believes.

Following the show, the aircraft and its crew will be returning to Ukraine to continue their activities. Antonov is planning for the new type to lift civil certification before the end of 2016.

Source: Flight Daily News