The production standard Marconi/Honeywell Helmet Mounted Sighting System (HMSS) has been flown, for the first time, on a Royal Air Force Jaguar GR3A aircraft at the UK Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA) site at Boscombe Down.

The HMSS is being added to the aircraft as part of the Jaguar '97 upgrade package to provide a lightweight, reliable, low-cost solution to cueing, sensor slaving and off-boresight missile aiming requirements.

The system will be used in conjunction with the Marconi Thermal Imaging and Laser Designator (TIALD) pod and the Matra BAe dynamics Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM). Initially the system is to be used in conjunction with the AIML and AIMM Sidewinder missiles.

The HMSS combines Marconi's Helmet Mounted Sight (HMS) with Honeywell's Advanced Metal Tolerant Tracking (AMTT) technologies.

Source: Flight Daily News