Among the aircraft being exhibited outside the convention center is the Spectre, a special mission version of the Pilatus PC-12. The Spectre is designed to support government, military, law enforcement and medevac roles. Variants of the PC-12 Spectre are currently in operation with the US and several foreign militaries, as well as federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

Leonard Luke, vice president of government sales for Pilatus Business Aircraft, said: "In this environment of tightening government budgets, the PC-12 Spectre's multimission capability, ruggedness and cost efficiency make it an ideal platform for agencies tasked with doing more with less financial resources."

The Spectre features a standard a retractable sensor platform, and a nine-passenger utility interior with a sensor operator's console. Most Spectre aircraft are highly modified to tailor to the customer's specific mission requirements. Customization can include communications and surveillance equipment, external pods, medevac interiors and a paratrooper jump door.

Source: Flight Daily News