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  • AUVSI: Aurora proven on Excalibur first flight

AUVSI: Aurora proven on Excalibur first flight

Parvus Corporation (Booth 1041) announced at the show yesterday that is has successfully flown the Aurora Common Mission Computer (ACMC) units onboard the Excalibur - a new tactical UCAV designed to combine high speed and vertical flight using unique turbine hybrid electric propulsion.

The ACMC computer is a small-form factor rugged computing system based on Parvus' COTS DuraCOR 820 subsystem, designed to accommodate the environmental and physical requirements of Aurora's airborne vehicles. The computing architecture for this Parvus subsystem is based on a low-power mobile Pentium CPU, solid state memory, Linux operating system, military-grade power supply, and various peripheral and network inputs.

"Parvus has a long history of successfully supplying key military contractors, such as Aurora, with advanced MIL-grade commercial-off-the-shelf computing solutions tailored to specific UAV platforms," said Les Goodman, president of Parvus. "Excalibur will prove to be a valuable aircraft to the military."

Excalibur's unique configuration enables both vertical take-off and landing and high-speed flight modes at speeds up to 400 knots; thereby providing the warfighter with a survivable capability for quick response weapons delivery or logistics resupply from remote, austere forward operating bases or from air cable ships operating in the littorals.

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