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First flight on tap for Tecnam four-place single

Italian airframer Tecnam says first flight of its new four-place, Lycoming-powered single, the P2010, will take place in early January.

Featuring a carbon-fibre fuselage, metal wings and 180hp Lycoming IO-360MIA piston engine, the P2010 is aimed at the trainer and pilot-owner four-place market currently dominated by Cessna. Through 10 January, Tecnam North America, based in Richmond, Virginia, is offering US customers a discounted buy-in, with a $5,000 initial deposit and $15,000 savings on the final list price of $244,000 (in 2011 dollars, not including delivery). The company unveiled the P2010 in April, targeting November 2012 as the certification date for the new single, which can burn either leaded aviation gasoline or automobile gas. Tecnam North America said it will refund the deposit if the aircraft is not certified by the end of 2014.

"With three doors and a huge interior the Tecnam P2010 competes with the Cessna 182 for performance capabilities at a price that is competitive to the Cessna 172," said the company, adding that panel options include traditional instruments or a dual Garmin G1000 suite.



 Tecnam P2010 at 2011 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh

Tecnam is also planning to fly an 11-seat, high-wing piston-powered commuter twin in the first quarter of 2012. Called the P2012 Traveller, the aircraft is being developed with input from US commuter airline Cape Air, which hopes to begin replacing its fleet of 67 aging Cessna 402s and Piper Navajos with the new model.

Powered by two turbocharged Lycoming TEO-540 engines, the fixed-gear $2.17 million aircraft will also burn either leaded aviation gasoline or automobile gas.

With the addition of the four-place P2010, 11-place commuter and a new light sport aircraft, also unveiled in April, Tecnam will have 20 aircraft in its portfolio.

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