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  • Fokker explores manufacturing options in India

Fokker explores manufacturing options in India

Fokker Technologies is exploring the establishment of a manufacturing footprint in India to serve both defence and commercial customers.

Raj Ramanujam, country director for India at Fokker Technologies, notes that major original equipment manufacturers have established a significant presence in India through large defence and commercial business contracts.

"We want to give all stakeholders a win-win solution," says Ramanujam. "If we could develop manufacturing here it would be good for us in terms of costs, and good for OEMs to help them with defence offset obligations. It would also give us a foothold for the future."

He stresses that the company is still in the exploratory stages with regard to how its Indian operations could develop. Fokker is now speaking with both the Indian government and customers about the best way to move forward.

He notes that Holland-based Fokker has already established manufacturing units in countries such as Turkey, China, and Mexico.

Based in Mumbai, Ramanujam is a 29-year veteran with Fokker. He was previously based in Singapore, and still heads marketing and sales for Fokker Services Asia.

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