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  • ILA: Museco mock-up signals new move by EMT

ILA: Museco mock-up signals new move by EMT

Germany's EMT is showing a mock-up of its new Museco system as it seeks a launch customer for the unmanned helicopter.

The Penzberg-based manufacturer has had its Luna technical unmanned air system in service since 2000, and the type is combat-proven with the German military.

The idea for the Museco emerged from talks with customers, who deemed an unmanned helicopter suitable for military operations in urban terrain, says business development manager Sascha Lange.


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Museco's name derives from a German-language acronym approximating to "air-based close-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance system". The product was developed in partnership with Swiss UAV, which builds the fuselage and some engine components. EMT is responsible for the avionics and datalink.

The helicopter is compatible with the ground control station (GCS) used with the Luna - for which an upgraded version, the Luna NG, is set to enter service next year, bringing boosted speed, payload capability and endurance.

Lange says the Luna's containerised, protected GCS gives it an advantage over more expensive medium-altitude and high-altitude long-endurance (MALE/HALE) systems.

He cites the "organic capability" that allows the GCS to move with ground troops and be deployed in every operational space. Rather than having to call headquarters, "the ground commander has a UAV at his fingertips", says Lange.

"Our system [the Luna] is deployed in Afghanistan. It's out in the field where it hurts - protecting soldiers."

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