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  • Scheibel Camcopter completes sea trials

Scheibel Camcopter completes sea trials

Scheibel's vertical take-off, vertical landing unmanned air vehicle Camcopter S-100 has completed three one-week campaigns flying from a German navy K130 Class Corvette in the Baltic sea.

With a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 190kg (418lb) the S-100 completed more than 130 take-offs during a total flight time of 20h, operating in wind speeds over the flight deck of up to 40kt (74km/h) and dealing with a wet deck with roll angles of more than plus or minus 15°.

The German trials were to intregrate VTOL UAVs with a Corvette and to formulate a concept of operations. A VTOL UAV is viewed as having a potential intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) role for the navy.

Scheibel markets the S-100 as having a 200kg MTOW with a 50kg payload, a range of 180km and 6h endurance. The S-100 has been in service with maritime agencies in Pakistan, Spain and India.

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