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  • Skycar piston twin prototype makes first flight

Skycar piston twin prototype makes first flight

Italian general aviation manufacturer Oma Sud has flown its Skycar aircraft prototype for the first time.

The five-seat, unpressurised piston twin pusher flew for 45min from Oma Sud's Capua airport, Naples base, reaching an altitude of 3,500ft (1,070m).

The 200hp (150kW) Lycoming IO-360-C1E6-powered Skycar had been due to fly for the first time in June last year, but a decision to include improved avionics on the aircraft delayed the schedule. Flight testing is set to resume later in January, leading to certification in the fourth quarter.

Oma Sud says the Skycar is targeted at international markets and to date it has secured about 30 provisional orders for the aircraft, which is projected to have a maximum take-off weight of 1,990kg (4,390lb) with a maximum payload of 610kg.

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