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Spirit changes Airbus order in favour of A321

Florida-based Spirit Airlines has made further changes to its aircraft purchase agreement with Airbus in the first quarter, in favour of the larger Airbus A321 variant.

The airline says it converted five current generation A320s to A321s and converted five A320neos to A321neos.

The airline also accelerated the delivery of one current generation A321 to 2015 from 2016, and deferred deliveries of two current generation A320s to 2018 from 2017.

The changes in the first quarter follow a series of conversions that Spirit made to its orders in 2013. Last year, it placed an order for 20 current generation A321s, and announced a conversion of 10 A320s on backlog from a previous order to A321s. Later in 2013, Spirit converted five of the 20 A321s to A321neos, a change that was reflected in Airbus' backlog.

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