ST Aero secures new contracts worth S$450M in Q3

ST Aerospace has secured S$450M (US$354M) in contracts during the third quarter of 2014, down from the S$520M in the second quarter.

In a statement, ST Aerospace says that it received a “steady stream” of contracts for heavy checks and interior modification projects on aircraft in China and the US.

Over the three months, its MRO division redelivered 248 aircraft from airframe maintenance and modification work. It also processed 10,921 components,45 landing gears and 34 engines, while 2,152 engine washes were conducted for both commercial and military customers.

ST Aero also clinched two contracts with European customers for the manufacture of metal and structural castings for engines and air management systems.

On aircraft capability, the MRO completed the installation of a wireless in-flight entertainment system - with the award of a US Federal Aviation Administration Supplemental Type Certificate – for the first time on two Boeing 737 aircraft for an Asian-based carrier.

Meanwhile, its US subsidiary, VT Mobile Aerospace Engineering, also signed an agreement in September to establish a hangar capable of accommodating two widebody aircraft at the Pensacola International airport in 2016.

Another of its subsidiaries, Aeria Luxury Interiors, also won its first nose-to-fail cabin completion contract for a wide-body VIP aircraft. Redelivery of the aircraft is planned for the fourth quarter of 2016.

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