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TAI's Anka UAS attracts foreign interest

Turkish Aerospace Industries used the IDEF show in Istanbul to deliver updates on a number of its unmanned air system programmes. The company exhibited its Anka/Phoenix medium-altitude, long-endurance design and also displayed its Sivrisinek/Mosquito unmanned helicopter for the first time in public. Both systems are currently in flight test.

Referring to the Anka, TAI general manager Muharrem Dorktasli said: "We have begun the second prototype's test flights. The schedule is going on time." The company will build a total of five prototypes, with Dorktasli saying the first is planned for delivery next year.

© Turkish Aerospace Industries

Equipped with a forward-looking infrared sensor provided by Turkish company Aselsan, the Anka has already attracted international interest, with TAI talking to some countries in the Middle East about possible future sales.

© Tolga Ozbek

First flown earlier this year and developed using company funds, the vertical take-off and landing Mosquito (above) is being pitched initially to a domestic customer. "There is a market for an unmanned helicopter," Dorktasli said. "The Turkish army has a close interest and negotiations will start soon."

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