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Webbies 2008 - Best Online Innovation

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Best Online Innovation

Who’s this category for?

Anyone who’s developed or implemented something new and cool on the web in 2008

Criteria: the Best Online Innovation recognises the most original and ground breaking online innovation as demonstrated during 2008. It is awarded to the example which demonstrated originality married with success in the innovation’s objectives.

Judges: Jim Muttram (Managing Director RBI), Lawrence Mitchell (Marketing Director RBI)

Lochard Webtrak
Features: the first nationwide public-facing flight track and noise display website, encompassing eight major Australian airports. Provides near real-time and replayed dynamic displays of which aircraft are flying where.
Judges liked: clever combination of technologies with propriety data resulting in a really innovative site. Provides a valuable service to the community and opens up data on the web with easy-to-use interfaces helping to set the tone for the future.

Features: blends market intelligence with e-communication through e-tools: Infogate and Autopilot. Info-gate offers airlines 24/7 automated detailed customised monthly traffic and passenger profile information per destination. Autopilot provides turnaround costs calculations at AIA for five years.
Judges liked: offers airlines fast, customised, practical, accurate and up-to-date information on the Athens market. Leads the way in personalised customer communication.

Routes Online
Features: interactive route development service. Online forum. Community networking that facilitates personal and business networking within the route development industry.
Judges liked: good use of different types of content. Promises to change the way airports and airlines collaborate.


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