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  • Mask business traveler shutterstock_1735211177

    Why airline loyalty programmes must go back to their roots


    Ravindra Bhagwanani, managing director at frequent flyer programme specialists Global Flight, considers why the coronavirus crisis means airlines will need to look to the past and improve the value proposition of their loyalty schemes if they are to keep customers in future

  • 777X-c-Boeing

    Why strong supplier chain could save Boeing


    With the world’s number one aerospace manufacturer facing a barrage of problems, from the Max grounding to the Covid-19 collapse in demand, Alex Krutz, manging director at Patriot Industrial Partners, considers whether a supply chain that is much more robust than in the past can be crucial to getting it through the crisis?

  • First ACJ320neo final assembly – Hamburg, Germany

    For SMEs, the crisis is only beginning


    The situation could hardly be worse for Airbus, Boeing and first-tier suppliers. But for companies further down the supply chain it is. Highly geared and often dependent on a single customer, small- and medium-sized enterprises face a fight for survival as demand dries up. Their only hope is some sort of airline revival before it is too late

  • FedEx Airbus A380-800F

    Years after cancellation, A380 freighter’s time may have come


    FedEx’s crystal ball was clearly having an off-day when it churned out predictions for the Airbus A380 freighter 15 years ago. The US express cargo giant, once the launch operator of the A380F, expected to take delivery of the aircraft in 2008, enthused about a -900 stretched cargo variant, and forecast that passenger-to-freighter A380s would arrive by 2020.

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    Why airlines must mind the training bubble


    Getting carriers back into service at the end of this crisis could run up against a perhaps unexpected obstacle: a shortage of simulator capacity for pilots

  • Cathay jets grounded

    Will pandemic prompt a green reset for aviation?


    The coronavirus crisis will abate before too long, but how will its impact change the nature of air travel?

  • A310

    Hailing the A310’s lasting legacy


    Airbus invented the original widebody twinjet more than half a century ago, so it seems appropriate that a Toulouse product looks set to be the first of the breed to become extinct.

  • F-35B landing vertically

    US Marine Corps backs away from tailor-made aircraft - and their expense


    Expeditionary demands have honed the US Marine Corps into a unique force with enviable equipment – but its Pacific pivot means much could change

  • Max grounded in Washington

    Will Boeing cancel the 737 Max?


    Rob Morris, global head of consultancy with Ascend by Cirium, provides an overview of the 737 Max programme and uses the data available to evaluate whether Boeing should cancel it.

  • Garuda CRJ1000

    Chaotic leadership is holding Garuda back


    Garuda’s revolving door of leaders has proved detrimental to its long-term interests and must be addressed for the carrier to get back on track. Emblematic of deep-seated organisational issues, the worst blows Garuda suffered in 2019 were the misstatement of its 2018 financial results and the public dismissal of ...

  • Virgin Atlantic Pride flight

    Action needed on LGBTQ diversity at airlines


    A diverse and inclusive workplace is a better one, writes IATA’s Dexter Morse, but more airlines need to adopt a structured approach to the issue

  • KE safety video 2019

    K-pop safety video signals change at Korean Air


    Korean Air is showing off some new K-pop moves in its new safety video and wants its customers to sit up and pay attention.

  • India prime minister Narenda Modi

    Third time lucky for Air India privatisation?


    If the Modi government’s second attempt to privatise Air India in as many years fails, it will not be for a lack of trying.

  • Ed Bastian signing (c) Delta

    Why Delta bucks trend in overseas airline investments


    It is something of a curiosity that, given the plagued history of previous such strategies within the airline sector, Delta Air Lines buying of minority stakes in operators around the world has garnered little of the scepticism that accompanied similar spending sprees from other carriers.

  • Air New Zealand chief executive Greg Foran

    Air New Zealand again goes external for new chief


    Air New Zealand’s board is following a similar path in tapping talent outside the industry by appointing Kiwi-born US retail boss Greg Foran as its next chief executive, at a time when there is turbulence on the horizon.

  • Opinion

    Cabin crew treatment damages airline equality effort


    For all the chat about diversity and gender equality among airlines over the past year, there are still some pretty outdated practices on display in the industry.

  • Garuda crews - analysis size

    Chastised Garuda forced to eat humble pie


    As an airline accustomed to reporting losses, the pressure on Garuda Indonesia to show that it was making money in 2018 must have been huge for it to turn to some creative accounting – a move that has now backfired on it.

  • Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302 crash Boeing 737 M

    ET302 interim report raises more questions


    A preliminary report into the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 accident of 10 March has resolved some of the mystery behind flight ET302’s loss, but also raised new questions for me as FlightGlobal’s test pilot – and who operates the type for a major carrier.

  • Opinion

    OPINION: Forget the FAA, the Regulator in Chief has spoken


    ​In an unprecedented move today, the President Trump issued the order to ground the USA's Boeing Max fleet.

  • Air India A320s analysis

    OPINION: New Delhi's 'Lease in India' delusion


    India’s commercial aviation sector has, arguably, been built on the back of favourable aircraft finance for its airlines, but could it follow to become the next air finance powerhouse?