Arnold Defense is promoting its new, ultra-light LWL-12, 2.75-inch rocket launch system at the show.

The LWL-12, which is making its show debut, weighs just over 27kg when empty, says the US company.

Other products on display include the 19-round M261; the thermal coated 7-round LAU-78 variants and LAU-61 Digital Rocket Launcher.

Arnold Defense says it is also currently developing the FLETCHER smart, laser-guided launcher systems that will be available later this year.

“We are inherently committed to manufacturing the world’s most reliable and affordable rocket launchers. Through our innovation, integrity, dedication, technical expertise and warfighter-first focus, we continue to produce the very best rocket launchers in the world," says Jim Hager, president and chief executive of Arnold Defense. “Working together, we protect today’s warfighters, just as we have for the last half-century.”

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Source: Cirium Dashboard