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  • Blue Max - Moviestore REX Shutterstock

    OPINION: Will USAF's light-attack trial rekindle warrior spirit?


    ​As it follows the elevation from Western Front trenches to air corps fame – or infamy – of German corporal Bruno Stachel, the 1966 film The Blue Max debunks many myths of chivalry and aerial combat.

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    ​US, Australia conclude secretive hypersonic flight series


    The United States and Australia have concluded a series of hypersonic test flights at the Woomera test range in South Australia.

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    ​PARIS: How Boeing's KC-135 harks back to early days of jet age


    The appearance in the static park at this year's Paris air show of a Boeing KC-135 tanker brings a reminder of the legacy of the US manufacturer's jet product line, as well as a link to the origins of the modern era of international air transport.

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    ​PARIS: Boeing's ubiquitous C-135 family


    The Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker is the predominant variant of the C-135 Stratolifter family of transport aircraft. The KC-135 was the US Air Force's first jet-powered refueling tanker and replaced the Boeing KC-97 Stratofreighter, the military derivative of the Stratocruiser piston airliner.

  • KC-46A - Boeing

    Sixth aircraft joins KC-46A tanker test fleet


    ​Boeing has bolstered its flight-test fleet for the KC-46A programme to six aircraft, as the company strives to complete a development campaign with the 767-based tanker.

  • Afghan A-29s - US Air Force

    PICTURES: Kabul welcomes latest batch of Super Tucanos


    ​Afghanistan has bolstered to a dozen its in-country fleet of Embraer/Sierra Nevada A-29 Super Tucano light-attack aircraft, with the arrival of its latest four examples in Kabul.

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    USAF picks Elta for counter-UAS deal


    Israel Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Elta North America subsidiary has been awarded a $15.5 million, fixed-price contract to provide the US Air Force with counter-unmanned air system equipment.

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    USAF to test Israeli runway monitoring system


    The US Air Force is evaluating technology developed by Israeli company Xsight Systems to rapidly detect damage to runways at air bases outside the USA.

  • B-52 cockpit - US Air Force

    OPINION: How to keep a Cold War veteran flying


    ​According to an old tale, a fighter pilot who had been instructed to hold off from landing while a B-52 bomber made an approach with a defective TF33 quipped to air traffic controllers: “Oh no – the dreaded seven-engine approach”. On 4 January, this perhaps apocryphal story became reality, when ...

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    US Air Force releases final T-X trainer RFP


    ​T-X contenders are off to the races today, after the US Air Force released its much anticipated final request for proposals for the T-38 trainer replacement programme.

  • Global Hawk

    Global Hawk MS-177 flight test expected in coming days


    ​Northrop Grumman has installed the new UTC MS-177 multi-spectral sensor on-board its RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned air vehicle, and plans to carry out the maiden flight of the payload in coming days.

  • Japan receives first F-35 - US Air Force

    PICTURES: Japan receives first F-35


    Japan has received its first Lockheed Martin F-35A , marking the first delivery of a Joint Strike Fighter acquired via the foreign military sale (FMS) route.

  • CPB - GA-ASI

    General Atomics performs first flight of next-generation Predator


    ​General Atomics Aeronautical Systems has carried out the maiden flight of its Certifiable Predator B (CPB), which will eventually lead to deliveries of the aircraft to the UK's Royal Air Force in 2018.

  • Last USAF F-16

    Holloman selected as temporary home for new F-16 training unit


    ​Holloman AFB in New Mexico has been selected by the US Air Force to be the interim home for two new Lockheed Martin F-16 training squadrons.

  • F-15C - USAF

    USAF taps Boeing to select new F-15 sensor supplier


    ​The US Air Force has delegated to Boeing the task of selecting a supplier for a $198 million upgrade of the F-15C/D that will enable the twin-engined fighter to detect at long range the heat generated by an aircraft engine.

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    Congressional language would delay JSTARS IOC by a year


    Congressional language in the 2017 National Defense Authorisation Act would force the US Air Force to pursue a fixed-price engineering, development and manufacturing contract for the joint surveillance target attack radar system (JSTARS) recapitalisation effort, and delay initial operational capability of the new fleet by about a year, top USAF ...

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    Drone defense for nuclear sites awaits government approval


    ​Small, commercial unmanned aerial vehicles pose an imminent threat to sensitive government facilities, but the US Air Force must wait on approval from a complex web of government agencies before moving forward with a drone defense strategy, according to the head of the US Air Force Global Strike Command.

  • Boeing T-X - Boeing

    OPINION: T-X trainer bidders ready for dogfight


    With the unveiling on 13 September in St Louis of the Boeing/Saab trainer, the four-way competition to claim the $10 billion contract to replace the US Air Force’s Northrop T-38C Talon fleet is now set.

  • A Global Hawk remotely piloted vehicle taxis on th

    USAF Global Hawks to get upgraded control system


    Raytheon is to upgrade the ground control stations (GCS) of the the US Air Force’s Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawks, following a $104 million contract award.

  • MQ-9 at ILA 2016 - BillyPix

    USAF Reapers demonstrate missile tracking capability


    Two General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 Reaper unmanned air vehicles have demonstrated the system’s ability to track missiles, during ballistic defence testing in Hawaii.