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  • Ural A320 emergency landing 2-c-MChS

    Ural A320 forced-landing crew made ‘unreasonable’ decision to divert: inquiry


    Russian investigators have described as “unreasonable” a Ural Airlines Airbus A320 crew’s decision to divert to Novosibirsk, having incorrectly estimated the fuel required after failing to take into account the aircraft’s extended landing-gear. The aircraft, originally bound for Omsk on 12 September, was forced to land in a field 186km ...

  • Ural stranded A320-c-Ural Airlines

    Ural Airlines considering flying stranded A320 out of remote field


    Russian carrier Ural Airlines appears to be considering flying a stranded Airbus A320 out of the field on which it conducted an emergency landing during an attempted diversion. The aircraft had been nearing fuel exhaustion as its crew tried to divert to Novosibirsk on 12 September, following a hydraulic system ...

  • Ural A320 in field-c-Ural Airlines

    Ural Airlines expects removal of stranded A320 to take months


    Ural Airlines expects removal of the Airbus A320 which force-landed in a field outside Novosibirsk could take several months, and says storage work on the aircraft will be necessary in the interim. The crew carried out an emergency landing in the field on 12 September after exhausting fuel reserves while ...

  • Ural A320 in field 2-c-Ural Airlines

    Ural A320 field-landing crew did not realise undercarriage had failed to retract


    Russian investigators believe the crew of a Ural Airlines Airbus A320 did not realise the undercarriage had failed to retract during a diversion to Novosibirsk, forcing the aircraft to land in a field as it ran short on fuel. The A320 had aborted an approach to its original destination, Omsk, ...

  • Ural A320 emergency landing 2-c-MChS

    Ural A320 forced-landing crew faced fuel crisis while diverting over hydraulic failure


    Pilots of the Ural Airlines Airbus A320 which made an emergency landing in a field near Novosibirsk had been facing a fuel crisis after the jet experienced hydraulic failure, according to the carrier’s chief. General director Sergei Skuratov, during a 12 September briefing, stated that the aircraft – which was ...

  • Ural A320 emergency landing-c-MChS

    Ural A320 lands in field while operating Russian domestic flight


    Russian authorities have confirmed that a Ural Airlines Airbus A320 has carried out an emergency landing near a village while operating a Sochi-Omsk service. The aircraft came down in a field at Kamenka, in the Ubinsky district, some 180km northwest of Novosibirsk, according to the federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia. ...

  • Ural A320neo title-c-Ural Airlines

    EU blacklists Russian carriers over continued operation of grounded aircraft


    All three Aeroflot Group carriers, plus S7 Airlines and Ural Airlines, are among 21 Russian operators blacklisted by the European Commission over safety concerns related to continued operation of aircraft seized by the Russian government. While Russian carriers are already barred from operating within the European Union, as part of ...

  • Ural A320-c-Ural Airlines

    Ural Airlines picks up a pair of ex-Aeroflot A320s


    Russian carrier Ural Airlines has introduced a pair of older Airbus A320s to its fleet, even as it modernizes with A320neo-family jets. Both A320s – with serial numbers 3711 and 3778 – are powered by CFM International CFM56 engines. They were originally delivered to Aeroflot around 2008-09 but ...

  • Pobeda 737-c-Pobeda

    Budget airline Pobeda proves resilient as Russian full-year traffic halves


    Russian airlines’ passenger traffic halved over the course of last year, official figures from the federal air transport regulator show. Rosaviatsia states that overall traffic was down by 52% with passenger numbers down 46% to 69.2 million. But the fall was not indiscriminate across the Russian carriers. ...

  • Ural A320neo

    Ural unveils crisis-driven losses for first nine months


    Ural Airlines has revealed a pre-tax loss of RB4.5 billion ($61 million) for the first nine months of the year, as Russian air transport embarks on its recovery from the pandemic crisis. The figure, to 30 September, contrasts sharply with the previous year’s Rb3.4 billion profit for the same ...

  • Ural A321

    Ural A321 forced-landing probe awaits ornithological group findings


    Russian investigators probing the forced landing in a field of Ural Airlines Airbus A321 are awaiting the results of ornithological studies in order to complete a final analysis of the accident. The aircraft came down exactly one year ago, on 15 August 2019, shortly after take-off from Moscow Zhukovsky ...

  • Ural conversion

    Ural Airlines starts restoring fleet to passenger configuration


    Russian carrier Ural Airlines has started reconverting aircraft back to passenger configuration, having temporarily modified them to operate as freighters. Ural Airlines says it converted 12 of its 48 jets to cargo configuration as passenger traffic bled away and freighter capacity demand rose during the coronavirus crisis. The ...

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    Ural introduces first A321neo


    ​Ural Airlines has received its first Airbus A321neo, the third aircraft from the re-engined family to enter the Russian carrier's fleet.

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    Ural Airlines takes on Moscow-London route


    Russian carrier Ural Airlines is to enter the market for flights between Moscow and London with a service to the UK capital's Stansted airport.

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    Russian authorities to probe airports' exposure to bird risk


    ​Russian authorities are proposing to assess airports' vulnerability to bird activity, in the wake of the Ural Airlines Airbus A321 landing accident outside Moscow.

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    Zhukovsky enhances bird control after A321 accident


    ​Moscow Zhukovsky airport's operator is taking measures to enhance its bird-control capabilities in the aftermath of the Ural Airlines field-landing accident.

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    Field-landing Ural A321 to be cut up and removed


    Ural Airlines has disclosed that the Airbus A321 which came down in a cornfield after a take-off incident at Moscow Zhukovsky will be cut up for scrap.

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    Second Ural A321 hit by birds a week before field landing


    ​Russia's federal air transport regulator is seeking information to verify that adequate bird-control measures are in place at airport following the accident involving a Ural Airlines Airbus A321 at Moscow Zhukovsky.

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    Field-landing A321 recorders undergo analysis


    ​Russian investigators have commenced the analysis of flight recorders retrieved from the Ural Airlines Airbus A321 which came down in a field outside of Moscow Zhukovsky airport.

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    Both engines failed on forced-landing Ural A321: carrier


    Both engines on a Ural Airlines Airbus A321 failed before the aircraft conducted a forced landing in a field outside Moscow.