Embraer has won US certification for its Legacy 650, paving the way for the Brazilian airframer to begin deliveries of the large-cabin business jet in one of it largest markets.

Validation by the Federal Aviation Administration comes four months after Brazil and Europe gave their approval to the Rolls-Royce AE3007A2-powered aircraft - an extended-range derivative of the Legacy 600 jet, which has chalked up nearly 200 deliveries worldwide.

Embraer says the 650 "has achieved all of its performance targets, particularly the maximum range of 7,220km [3,900nm] - with four passengers - without compromising either payload capacity or operational costs".

Embraer Legacy 650
 © Embraer

The aircraft can connect city pairs such as London to New York, São Paulo to Miami and Singapore to Sydney. Deliveries of the Legacy 650 began in November 2010 and seven of the types are in service.

Source: Flight International