Russia’s United Engine is to show off a prototype 500kW hybrid powertrain at an industrial exhibition, as it looks to use the architecture to progress to 1.5MW.

The full-size prototype will feature at the Innoprom international exhibition in Ekaterinburg this week.

State technology firm Rostec says the Klimov VK-650V engine forms the basis of the proposed hybrid powertrain developments.

It says the open architecture will allow assembly of high-capacity engines for use on air taxis, as well as vertical and short take-off and landing aircraft.

Powertrain prototype-c-United Engine

Source: United Engine

United Engine believes the architecture can be scaled to achieve higher power output

“Within the framework of this project, various electric propulsion units, power units, and batteries are being developed,” it adds. “Like puzzle pieces, it will be possible to assemble any powerplant with a capacity of up to 1.5 MW.”

United Engine general director Vadim Badekha says the specialists are drawing up a certification framework for hybrid powertrains.

“This development has a great future,” he adds. “Tests on the stand have already confirmed the reliable joint operation of all systems and units of the [hybrid] demonstrator.

“We only need to complete all the tests and move on to the next stage.”