An Air Dolomiti ATR 72-500 veered off the runway during an emergency landing at Munich airport today (17 May) after returning to the German hub due to smoke in the cockpit and cabin.

All 58 passengers and four crew members evacuated the aircraft safely, but one passenger sustained light back injuries, according to an airport spokesman.

The turboprop (reg I-ADCD) took off from Munich at 13:35 local time for flight LH 1912 to Venice, Italy. About 10 minutes after departure, the flight crew reported smoke in the cockpit and cabin, and decided to return to the airport.

During the approach, the pilot also reported problems with one of the two Pratt & Whitney PW127 engines, the spokesman says.

The aircraft touched down on runway 26L at 14:07 but immediately veered to the left on to the grass area. It came to a stop around 80m (260ft) south of the runway.

After operations were halted and 20 flights diverted for the rescue efforts, air traffic resumed on runway 26L/08R at 15:35, with the stricken aircraft lying outside the safety area.

It is not clear when the turboprop can be removed, as the relevant authorities have not yet given their approval.

The spokesman says that the main wheels have sunk into the ground and the nose landing gear is not visible, with the aircraft lying on the forward part of the fuselage.

The incident happened as the airport celebrated its 20th anniversary. Operations were moved from the Bavarian city's old airport in Riem 20 years ago today.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news