Norwegian airports operator Avinor is to expand its remote-tower programme to another seven regional sites.

Avinor has identified the additional airports as Batsfjord, Vadso, Sorkjosen, Sandane, Mosjoen, Orsta Volda, and the new facility for Mo i Rana.

The organisation formally opened a remote-tower centre in Bodo in October 2020, through an initial phase which would bring 15 airports under its control.

Bodo currently controls 11 towers and Avinor says the last towers in this initial phase will be absorbed in March next year.

“At the same time, the remote towers system will be upgraded so that each work position will be able to operate up to three airports at the same time,” it adds.

bodo centre-c-avinor

Source: Avinor

Bodo centre operates 11 remote towers with more due for introduction

Avinor states that the seven additional airports will be covered under a second phase, designated ‘2a’.

It has reached an agreement with supplier Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace involving purchase of the cameras and other technical infrastructure with which to equip these facilities.

The airports will be placed under Bodo’s remote-tower operation during 2027.

Avinor adds that a separate installation has been ordered for the new Bodo airport, which will be put into operation in August 2029.

This will be controlled from a separate operations room established as part of the construction.