Russia’s Yakovlev has commenced certification flight-testing of its prototype SJ-100, the import-substituted version of the Superjet 100.

The testing is taking place at the Gromov institute near Moscow Zhukovsky airport.

Five crew members were on board the twinjet for the 2.5h flight, which assessed 15 different modes and tested a domestic fuel system.

While the prototype aircraft features a number of Russian-built systems in place of foreign-supplied equivalents, it currently retains the PowerJet SaM146 powerplants of its predecessor – a decision taken to advance the test schedule.

SJ-100 cert flight-c-United Aircraft

Source: United Aircraft

While the initial SJ-100 prototype has SaM146 engines, others will feature the PD-8

Two additional prototypes will be fitted with the Aviadvigatel PD-8 engines to be used on serial production aircraft.

Yakovlev general director Andrei Boginsky says the company aims to conduct about 200 flights by the end of next year.

“These tests will allow us to ensure the safety of the millions of passengers who will board the SJ-100 in the coming years,” he says.

Boginsky claims the company has secured customer interest covering some 150 aircraft, of which over 60 relate to airlines other than Aeroflot.

Yakovlev says the SJ-100 has already undergone ground tests of its landing-gear, cockpit displays, flight-control surfaces, and doors.