Airbus and Iberia are among partners planning to study the issues associated with establishing a hydrogen airport hub in Spain.

The partnership – which also includes regional carrier Air Nostrum, airports operator Aena, and energy specialists Repsol and Exolum – aims to develop a “holistic view” of hydrogen-powered aircraft integration, says Airbus.

“It will not only focus on hydrogen supply and infrastructure, but also on the specific requirements for ground operations at airports,” the airframer adds.

The six companies, it states, will bring together the “entire value chain” for the first time – from energy production to ground and air operations.

“Hydrogen will foreseeably be part of the future of aviation, which will come later and will complement the development of sustainable fuels,” says Iberia director of sustainability Teresa Parejo.

“To reach that future we must start taking the first steps now.”

Airbus hydrogen hub Spain-c-Airbus

Source: Airbus

Iberia and regional carrier Air Nostrum are participating in the hydrogen ecosystem study

Air Nostrum points out that regional operators – with smaller aircraft and shorter routes – are more likely to become initial implementers of hydrogen technology.

Airbus has reached hydrogen-hub agreements with several airports and partners in North America, Asia and Europe. It says Spain has “great potential” for low-carbon hydrogen production, making end-to-end collaboration essential.