J-22 ORAO/IAR-93

Updates to the jointly developed J-22 Orao/IAR-93 attack aircraft have been proposed independently by Soko in Bosnia-Hercegovinia and Avioane in Romania. Damage and dismantling of the Mostar factory in Bosnia-Hercegovina during the war and collapse of the communist regime in Romania, have jeopardised any continuation of these programmes to an as-yet-unknown degree. The current J-22 Orao/ IAR-93B was flown in Yugoslavia in October 1983 and in Romania in 1985. It differs from the NJ-22 Orao/ IAR-93A in using R-R Viper 633 engines, with reheat, to improve performance.

Customers - IAR-93A: Romania 36. IAR-93B - Romania 165. IJ/INJ-22 - former Yugoslavia 15. NJ-22 - former Yugoslavia 35. J-22 - former Yugoslavia 74 (+91).


The Soim (Hawk) is an advanced jet trainer and light-attack aircraft. It is powered by the Turbomeccanica R-R Viper Mk 632-41M turbojet, can be fitted with a twin-barrel 23mm ventral gun pod and has four under-wing hardpoints for loads up to 1,250kg.

Source: Flight International