Airbus secured net orders for 1,341 aircraft during 2007, giving the European manufacturer a 48.7% share of the market in terms of airframes.

It declared its total at a press briefing in Toulouse today, where it also disclosed that it had delivered 453 aircraft, up by 19 on 2006. Boeing delivered 441 aircraft last year.

Airbus gained net new orders for 1,341 jets, against Boeing’s 1,413, which were distributed as follows:

Airbus net orders:

  • A380                            23
  • A330/340/350            405
  • A320 family                 913

Transfer of customers’ old A350 orders to the A350 XWB meant Airbus had to record an unusually high number of cancellations from its gross orders in 2007.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news

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