A Boeing 777-300ER operated by British Airways suffered an engine failure immediately after taking off from Singapore, requiring it to dump fuel and make a single-engine landing.

As the aircraft, registration G-STBE, climbed over Malaysia on flight BA16 to London Heathrow, passengers felt a moment of shuddering. FlightGlobal was aboard the aircraft.

The captain presently announced that the right engine had “failed” and that the aircraft would return to Singapore after dumping fuel.

Upon landing, the aircraft taxied off the runway, where fire service crews inspected the engine. Afterwards the aircraft taxied back to the gate, and the passengers were disembarked.

The aircraft (MSN 38696) was delivered to British Airways in 2011, Flight Fleets Analyzer shows. It had 3,540 cycles as of May.

The 777 is powered by two General Electric GE-90 115BL engines.

British Airways 777-300ER G-STBE


Source: Cirium Dashboard