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    Cirrus Vision Jet makes Middle East debut


    ​Cirrus is showcasing its Vision Jet for the first time in the Middle East, as it seeks to drum up sales of the single-engined personal jet from the region’s owner flyers, training schools and charter operators.

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    OPINION: Aerospace industry should welcome Chinese investment


    ​President Trump may portray China as the enemy in his drive to create American jobs for American workers, but (whisper it within earshot of the Oval Office), many hundreds of US citizens – in heartland states such as Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin – are grateful to Chinese employers for their ...

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    NBAA: Cirrus Vision certificated


    ​Cirrus Aircraft has secured US type certification for its hugely anticipated Vision personal jet. Customer deliveries of the $1.96 million aircraft are scheduled to begin in December.

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    Cirrus wins parachute test reprieve from FAA


    ​Cirrus Aircraft could certificate the airworthiness of the single-engined SF50 Vision jet without an in-flight test of the whole aircraft parachute recovery system under a new proposal by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

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    Cirrus breaks ground on customer centre in Knoxville


    Cirrus has broken ground on a new aircraft-delivery centre in Knoxville, Tennessee as it splits customer delivery and service work from its assembly and design operations in Duluth, Minnesota.

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    ​AVIC announces CNY20 billion general aviation base


    Avic plans to develop a CNY20 billion ($3.2 billion) general aviation base in the country’s central Hubei province.

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    Cirrus passes new milestone towards SF50 certification


    The Cirrus Vision SF50 has passed another key stage on its way to a year-end certification target with the US Federal Aviation Administration issuing Type Inspection Authorisation, allowing the agency to evaluate the single-engined jet in flight.

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    OSHKOSH: Cirrus enters final stretch of SF50 testing


    The Cirrus SF50 Vision jet is entering the final stretch of a nearly two-year certification campaign with company officials encouraged by performance so far but cautious about the chances of remaining on schedule.

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    ABACE: Cirrus lands 74 Chinese orders


    ​Cirrus Aircraft has announced orders for 74 aircraft from Chinese customers, comprising 68 SR series piston-driven aircraft and six SF50 private jets.

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    VIDEO: Parachute saves Cirrus SR22 pilot as he ditches off Hawaii


    ​Another Cirrus SR22 pilot looks to have been saved by the aircraft’s parachute when he ran out of fuel 220nm (400km) from Hawaii.

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    OSHKOSH: Cirrus tests first production-conforming Vision jet


    ​Cirrus Aircraft is continuing to test the flight characteristics of the first production-conforming model of the single-engined SF-50 Vision jet, says Cirrus president and chief operating officer Pat Waddick.

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    Cirrus maps out certification timeline for SF50


    ​Cirrus Aircraft displayed a mock-up of its Vision SF50 personal jet for the first time at Aero Friedrichshafen, and mapped out the certification timeline for the seven-seat aircraft, for which it has already received over 500 orders.